What to Expect
Proven results

Your treatment plan is developed with a focus on safety, efficacy, and health benefits. Delivering success is largely your responsibility, and you are encouraged to actively engage with our medical staff, offering honesty and openness about your medical history, concerns, and struggles.

As a participant in our program you will be monitored weekly so that you can feel confident that each and every week our physician and medically trained staff will review your progress and help you continue your success until you reach your healthy weight.

The safe and effective FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants block your hunger, the food guidelines re-train your body to crave healthy foods, and the exercise recommendations combined with the nutritional supplements boost your energy.

Once your healthy weight has been reached you will begin the process of learning about how you can turn your weight loss success into a lifelong commitment to you and your health.

The four mainstays of your personalized program will include:

  1. Nutrition: A customized nutritional profile of lean proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates 
  2. Hydration: Proper fluid intake, which is vital to the efficient functioning of your body 
  3. Exercise: An appropriate combination of cardio fitness, muscle toning and flexibility 
  4. Supplements: To support overall health and wellness while you achieve your weight loss goals

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