Medical Approach
Lose weight the healthy way

The SmartFit program is medically managed weight loss program that evaluates your medical history and lab results, to formulate a weight loss plan that unlocks your weight loss potential. Your personalized weight loss plan is designed to keep you free from hunger and will include the perfect combination of:

  • balanced nutrition
  • medical supervision
  • supplements and injections
  • FDA approved medication (if required)

“This is NOT a very low calorie diet or “Starvation” diet. The SmartFit program adheres to the principals and guidelines set forth by the American Bariatric Society.”

The SmartFit team of physicians, Dr Johnson & Dr Foster, and supportive medical professionals have helped tens of thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals. The benefits of medically managed weight loss over traditional replacement foods or points based programs are:

  • Avoid or overcome weight loss plateaus through additional testing and evaluation
  • Integrate weight loss with a plan to reduce other chronic diseases like Type II Diabetes and hypertension
  • Provide recommendations for improving quality of life issues like stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue which can prevent weight loss.

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