Maintenance for Life

You’ve work hard to reach your weight loss goals and we congratulate you. We want to empower you with the confidence and tools to keep it off.

“There is still a place in your life for pasta, bread, cocktails, and even desserts.”

SmartFit's Maintenance for Life program will educate you on how to make healthy nutrition choices in a real world setting. Making informed lifestyle decisions it the key to maintaining your weight loss.

The goal of the Maintenance for Life program is to:

  • Help you adopt healthy habits
  • Educate you on general nutritional principles
  • Monitor and adjust nutrition recommendation
  • Give you confidence to eat in the “Real World”
  • Evaluate stress and other factors that may impede success
  • Provide ongoing support and online tools

It is not uncommon for individuals to regain some weight. The Maintenance for Life program supports you if this should happen, and can make adjustments to help you return to your goal weight.

Weight loss is a journey, not a destination. Start your journey today by scheduling a no cost consultation!



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