Frequently Asked Questions
These are some commonly asked questions about our program

Q:How long does the initial consultation normally last?

A:We suggest that each patient plan your schedule to allow at least an hour to an hour and a half for the initial visit.  When you schedule your New Patient visit we will email you your initial paperwork to complete prior to your visit.  Completing this paperwork before you come in for your initial visit and can help any unnecessary wait times.

Q:What is the average weight loss of a patient?

A:The typical patient that follows our program will lose 5 to 10 pounds their 1st week and can lose 15 to 20 pounds their 1st month.  Over 44% of our patients have weight loss needs of greater than 80lbs.

Q:What are the appetite suppressants? Is phen/fen used?

A:Absolutely not. We only use FDA approved appetite suppressants because of their long term safety and efficacy are recommended by the National Institute of Health.

The combination of phen/fen has been taken off the market and is not available due to its negative effects on health.

Q:Do I have to come into the office weekly?

A:Weekly visits are important to your success as this gives us an opportunity to not only dispense your medication to you, but to also assess your progress and to sit one-on-one with you to discuss problems/questions/concerns.

We recognize that this is not always possible.  We are committed to work with you to find a program and schedule that will optimize your opportunity for success.  We have options that allow you to receive additional weeks of service that include our excellent medical support, patient portal review, and medication (if indicated).

Q:Do I have to exercise?

A:As part of our personal assessment, we will evaluate your current level of exercise and make recommendations that will instill activity into your lifestyle as an aide in meeting your healthy weight range.  We won't require you to go to the "gym", but once you start experiencing the positive benefits of our program you will find yourself being more active than ever and full of life.

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