3 Phase Approach
for life long health and wellness

SmartFit's 3 Phase Metabolic Program is based on bariatric principles that combine individualized nutritional plans with a specially formulated supplement system and our secure online weight loss companion that will deliver truly exceptional results.

Adjustment - This phase emphasizes the elimination of foods that can cause problems with your digestion and metabolism. Your program includes a personalized nutritional plan that focuses on balancing the hormones that promote weight loss and the elimination of fat. Your nutritional plan, in combination with our supplement system, will address the deficiencies that are impairing your body’s metabolism and preventing effective weight loss.

Conversion - This phase focuses on the pre-Maintenance For Life factors that will allow you to take control of your metabolism and overall health. In addition, your supplement system may be modified to maintain your hormonal balance, which has changed as a result of your successful weight loss.

Maintenance - This phase will introduce our Maintenance For Life program, which provides you with the knowledge and ability to assure successful long-term weight loss and optimal health. We will continue to provide you with extensive instructional material, modifications to your supplement system, and individualized counseling that will ensure your ongoing success.

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