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SmartFit Weight Loss "Since 2009, we have been honored to help people lose weight, feel better, and become healthier. If you have ever struggled with being overweight and would like to lose weight, we would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals."
 ~ Dr. Foster & Dr. Johnson

Dr. Foster & Dr. Johnson are one of Alabama's premier weight loss physicians located in Birmingham.

The weight loss treatment methods used by Dr. Foster and Dr. Johnson have safely and effectively helped thousands of patients lose as little as 10lbs to over 125lbs. SmartFit has helped women, and men, lose weight  to reach their personal goals.  For some, losing weight means more energy.  For others, losing weight means controlling their diabetes and ending the need for medication.  For a few, losing weight even means fitting into that swimsuit or little black dress.  Whatever drives you to lose weight, SmartFit can help you do it with the confidence you will only get from a physician supervised weight loss program. 

The SmartFit weight management program always places patient safety first. Our program is superior to a “Very Low Calorie” or HCG diets by always providing healthy nutritional guidance, and patient education.

"SmartFit has the most friendly, caring and compassionate medical professionals."

As one of Birmingham's leaders in medically managed weight loss, Dr. Foster and Dr. Johnson are the most trusted name in medical weight loss. Our patients have shown their trust in SmartFit by recommending our program to a family member or friend. We take this as our highest praise, and are committed to continually providing the best weight loss care.

Patient Experience
Our enthusiastic staff is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming office environment. Our doctors and staff are accessible to answer your questions and provide ongoing guidance.

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Life Landing Patient Portal
Free for all current patients!

The Life Landing online patient portal keeps you informed on your physician's treatment plan, gives you tools like text message and email reminders, and helps track your progress.

Medical Approach
A physician's solution

Each patient's treatment plan is developed by either Dr. Foster or Dr. Johnson using methods only a physician can prescribe.

Our solution is YOUR solution!
Individualized Weight Loss Plans

Every plan is customized based on your weight and health history. These elements have been proven to maximize your weight loss results and improve your overall health.

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